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I am over 18 and out of High School
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Physicians phone
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How did you hear about our program?
What date are you available to begin volunteering? (A minimum 6-month commitment is required)
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Check here if you are required to do Community Service
If yes, how many hours do you need to complete?
By what date do you need to complete your hours?
Why do you want to provide reiki in a hospital Setting?
Are you Reiki trained?
If yes, what is your level of Reiki training?
Where did you recieve your training?
What types of modifications of the Reiki practice do you think may be necessary in a hospital setting?
What do you hope to accomplish through your volunteer service at Hartford Hospital?
I understand that documentation of an MMR vaccine, history of chicken pox or varicella vaccine, and a recent Tuberculosis (PPD) test will be required to volunteer at Hartford Hospital
I undestand that flu vaccination is mandatory during flu season.